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अपनी सट्टा मटका गेम का रिज़ल्ट हमारी वेबसाइट मे डलवाना हो या अपनी गेम बेच कर पैसा कामना हो तो कॉल करे.

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Daily Super fast Satta King Result of March 2021 And Leak Numbers for Gali, Desawar, Ghaziabad and Faridabad With Complete Satta King 2021


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Most-welsome to the SuperFast Satta King World. Fast Results assured

Are you fed up with cursing your fate? Do you want some miracle to happen in your boring life? Well, if you think that all these situations are related to you then you are in the right place. We will show you a path to show you how you can win money. We are talking about an online game Satta King. Well, you can play the game online as well as offline. It is not a new game, this game has existed since the era of the 90s or even more than that. Since then the game has gained popularity.

Find-out the steps to Play सट्टा किंग Satta Game?

The Satta King game is very easy to play. The best part is that you don't require anybody to play with you. You can play the game alone if you are playing online. If played offline then you need someone to be your partner.

When the game starts, you will notice that some numbers will come on your screen. Some numbers will be yours while the other numbers will be announced by them. You can also play the game on your mobile simply by downloading the Live Matka apps.

● You need to download the Live Matka app from the play store and register with your name and email address.

● Recharge your online wallet with some amount.

● You need to recharge at least Rs.300.

● The least betting payment is Rs. 100. You have to invest a minimum of 100 rupees. However, it entirely depends upon the company. Different companies have different rules.

● You will get numerous payment modes. You can transfer through a bank or by several payment apps.

● Now, your superfast satta king will begin. Start to play betting.

● Play carefully so that you can gain a victory unconditionally.

● The best part is that there is an option of 24/7 withdrawal and deposit backing assistance.

Satta King Feb 2021

Date Dishawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad Taj

Satta King March 2021

Date Dishawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad Taj
2021-02-01 XX 91 92 47 74
2021-02-02 72 07 60 99 81
2021-02-03 67 65 69 46 79
2021-02-04 42 65 96 70 32
2021-02-05 85 22 52 64 49
2021-02-06 11 74 00 64 30
2021-02-07 22 30 80 61 72
2021-02-08 91 66 32 21 94
2021-02-09 68 45 15 01 63
2021-02-10 19 41 24 78 04
2021-02-11 74 20 85 01 65
2021-02-12 45 27 04 00 82
2021-02-13 07 19 92 49 06
2021-02-14 57 73 62 42 20
2021-02-15 100 32 94 64 32
2021-02-16 54 90 52 73 67
2021-02-17 24 48 59 04 XX
2021-02-18 80 17 25 95 08
2021-02-19 52 59 93 80 11
2021-02-20 51 30 95 07 96
2021-02-21 18 28 68 76 28
2021-02-22 07 32 66 72 84
2021-02-23 72 61 01 91 27
2021-02-24 85 38 48 63 97
2021-02-25 77 73 28 80 61
2021-02-26 35 48 85 80 86
2021-02-27 93 38 26 64 84
2021-02-28 64 XX XX XX XX

Satta King Jan 2021

Date Dishawar Gali Ghaziabad Faridabad Taj
2021-01-01 XX 04 40 71 51
2021-01-02 88 66 12 52 70
2021-01-03 52 40 72 54 90
2021-01-04 49 34 28 32 26
2021-01-05 82 32 49 85 59
2021-01-06 00 77 16 17 88
2021-01-07 62 15 74 71 05
2021-01-08 77 36 67 36 10
2021-01-09 60 XX XX XX XX
2021-01-09 60 64 79 16 74
2021-01-10 37 92 71 68 07
2021-01-11 58 05 61 12 64
2021-01-12 64 06 68 04 90
2021-01-13 88 71 51 68 97
2021-01-14 49 87 02 76 57
2021-01-15 38 08 42 38 71
2021-01-16 87 32 81 94 94
2021-01-17 22 59 17 38 18
2021-01-18 40 55 77 96 67
2021-01-19 85 47 93 97 24
2021-01-20 54 82 40 78 62
2021-01-21 87 48 91 73 05
2021-01-22 10 95 80 58 94
2021-01-23 60 74 49 11 41
2021-01-24 23 66 08 99 21
2021-01-25 66 49 07 38 07
2021-01-26 67 40 02 79 40
2021-01-27 11 20 80 17 24
2021-01-28 76 62 08 41 91
2021-01-29 40 18 81 13 34
2021-01-30 68 84 21 99 95

Why this Sattaking Game more popular among Top-most games in India?

The Satta King / सट्टा किंग game is highly popular. It was started in the 90s era as we already stated before. However, at that time, technology was not that improved which's why the street boys used to play the game in the street. There was a big matka and in it, there are several numbers. Somebody used to announce the numbers and if the number matches with your number then you are the winner. Previously, there was no prize distributed but later everything changed. The game started to gain so much popularity that some companies decided to make Satta King Chart.

After that, the companies decided the prize amount which is 90 times your total investment. Some companies concluded to give 80 times the investment. So, if you invest rupees 1000, then you can get 90 times 1000, which means 90,000 rupees. Isn't it great? Well, on the other hand, it is calculated as 80 times, then the amount will be 80,000. It is undoubtedly one of the great amounts. Many people have earned so much in just a few minutes. This is the reason behind the popularity of the Super fast sattaking. When technology improved, then everyone started to play offline. You can view the Satta King results online as well as offline.

Find out the Best part of Satta King game / सट्टा किंग with us?

One can win lots of money from the game but there is the other side of the coin also. One can also lose all of his money if they lose the game. Yes, you hear what we said. At the beginning of the game, the company will take your account details. If you are the winner then you can win a large sum of money. But if you lose then you have to pay 40 or 50 times your capital amount. For instance, if you have invested 1000 rupees and lose the game, that means you have to pay 40,000. It is certainly a great amount. You can calculate how much you can lose if you invest more than 1000.

It has been noticed that people lost their all possessions to the game. It is the sad reality that one could face. So, you need to be aware of the bad consequences too.

What are the things needed to play the Satta Game?

The prerequisite of the Satta king game is as follows.

● If you want to play online, then you need either a laptop, desktop or mobile phone.

● A strong internet connection is mandatory.

● The company will also ask for your bank details. They will verify all your details and after that, you will be allowed to take part in the game.

● In your bank account, you should have a minimum account. The minimum account will be decided by the company. It might be 500 or 1000 or more than that.

Know more about Satta King / सट्टा किंग here & Its availablity Games/types?

There are various types of Satta King games available in the market. Out of those the four types are famous. The 4 types of games like Gali, Peshawar, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad are played extensively in the major parts of India. There is another game as well. That is a Superfast Satta game. You can win this game and earn a lot of money. These games are slightly different in rules and regulations but the result behind the game is the same. You can win money as well as lose money. So, all you need to do is to take proper precautions before playing the Satta game. However, after taking several precautions, one can't predict the proper rules of the game. You need your luck with you. There are nothing tricks and stunts that you need to perform. If your fate is with you then nobody can restrict you to win.

What are the things that you should keep in your mind while playing?

The things that you need to keep in your mind while playing Satta King are as follows.

● We have already mentioned that this game is something that entirely depends upon your luck. If you see that you have won a certain amount of money, then it is better to skip the game. There is no need to take the risk. Some people out of greed started to play and in the end, lose up losing every money. It is very frustrating.

● Secondly, you should be aware of frauds. Sometimes the companies have a partnership with your opponent player. The company can play a vital role in winning your opponent. So, when you play the game, you should keep a watchful eye on your opponent.

● Next comes your bank details. You should provide your bank details. The company might ask you to provide your other bank accounts. It will be wise not to disclose everything.

सट्टा किंग More accurate here Because we Update Satta King Chart Faster, is it Genuine?

It is one of the difficult questions. No countries ever allow gambling in their country. India is not an exception. India is also looking forward to stopping all the gambling from our country. But our government has noticed that the Satta King game is such an online game where nobody is getting harmed. It is not like that by playing this game, one is harming others. So, the government tried to stop the game सट्टा किंग but those have mild effects. Let's come to the other side. This game is not less than any harm. Though it is not affecting anybody, one can lose all their possessions which they have earned for years. Keeping all these in mind, the government of India put restrictions on the games. However, people are still playing the game in different parts of the country.

The game is mainly famous in the northern parts of India which include Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It is also played in Nepal. However, we can say that nowadays everyone plays this game सट्टा किंग online. Nobody likes to play offline.

Does the सट्टा किंग bring addiction?

Yes, a survey has been done where it was noticed that the games create an addiction in the mind of the youngsters especially. If one starts to earn then naturally one finds interest in playing the Sattaking game. If by chance anybody loses the game, then out of frustration and depression, they try to win the game again. So, this game became an addiction. Our government has banned the websites and other sites of the game, still, some hackers find their way to play the game. However, we can say that there is nothing wrong with playing the game. You should be aware of the rules and regulations. If you are clever then you need to pause after a certain period. Your wise decision can be your money.

Final Notes about Superfast sattaking

To conclude we can say that the game is interesting as well as dangerous. In a few minutes, your fate will prove that you are a king or a beggar. So, play the Satta King game and let's see what your fate decides for you. Your fate can allow you to earn the money. By keeping all the requirements in your mind, you should play the Satta King game सट्टा किंग.